I'm a Berlin-based communications and digital media freelancer. I develop creative and strategic, holistic solutions to leverage digital environments and create social impact. 

Not limited to a specific medium, I focus on branding, strategy, content, and design for social media, video, photography, and websites. I lead the process from early conception to production and distribution. 

→ Brand Strategy 

Brand Vision, Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Culture 

→ Creative Direction

Art Direction, Photography, Video, Editorial Design, Infographics, Content Creation, Events 

→ Digital Marketing

Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy, Campaign Management, Copywriting, Analytics and Reporting

→ Webdesign & Development

Ideation, Design, Development


Brilliant creative, 
clean design,
data driven marketing +
so much more. 

Interested in working together?

Whether you have a project already established or you're looking for someone to help kick things off, let's talk about it. 

→ Email at hello@tinazunic.com